An ancient jewel with many names



Passerina is a native grape variety of central Italy.
Today it is widespread throughout the Marche, with a large concentration in the province of Ascoli Piceno, and is also found in Abruzzo, Umbria and some regions of Lazio.
In the Ascoli area, beginning in the 1970s, cultivation was given a significant promotion thanks to the far-sighted entrepreneurs of the Guido Cocci Grifoni family.


The Land

One of the factor that has encouraged the cultivation of Passerina, in the Marche region, is the climate.
The Marche is one of the loveliest landscapes in all of Italy with a typically Mediterranean climate mitigated by the sea and the mountains.
The summers are hot and dry and winters are quite cold and rainy. These conditions positively influence the vegetative condition of this vine. The vine rests in winter and gives its absolute best in the warm months with the growth of the fruit and the accumulation of polyphenols in the skins.

peasant wisdom


This white grape variety belongs to the Trebbiani family although for some scholars its origins can be identified as a genetic mutation of Biancame, or Bianchello, grown in the northern Marche.

Everyone agrees that Passerina has good resistance to mold and parasites which ensures excellent productivity with limited need for plant protection products.

These strong characteristics are the basis of some its more curious names such as Pagadebit and Scacciacambiali.


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